Bachelor of Business Administration

The Acsenda BBA degree program is designed to prepare students fully for careers in today’s complex global organizations.  The emphasis is on combining theory with practical applications. Faculty are selected both for their strong academic credentials (all faculty members have completed a Master’s or doctoral degree in the field in which they are teaching) and their experience as practicing managers. The result is graduates who have the knowledge and the know how to meet 21st century job requirements in their chosen fields of specialization.

Program Scope

BBA students study all of the functional areas of business, including  accounting, finance, production, marketing, industrial relations, law, business ethics, business strategy, and human resources management. Students become job ready and better prepared academically by taking additional 15-21 upper level credit hours in one of four concentrations: Human Resources Management, Marketing, Accounting, or International Business Management. A General Business Management Option is also available.

Program Length

The BBA degree program is a 120-credit, four-year degree program. Each course is three credits for a total of 40 courses required for graduation. Classes are offered every quarter, year-round. Students can normally take four courses per term. It is therefore possible to complete the degree in 2.5 years, by taking courses every term without a break. Students may apply to take one “approved designated term break” out of four academic terms per year, provided they have completed two consecutive terms after starting their program of study.

Program Concentrations and Courses

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International Business Management Concentration

Human Resources Management Concentration

Marketing Management Concentration

Accounting Concentration

General Business Management Concentration